Chris Anderson — Day Clinician

Chris serves as Children’s Editor for Pentecostal Publishing House in St. Louis, MO, and oversees both Word Aflame and The Discipleship Project curriculum as well as the PPH’s children’s projects like kids POWer Hour and VBS. He has an M.Div. from Urshan Graduate School of Theology and has served in children’s ministry for 18 years specializing in writing and teaching methods.​

His topics for InF18 are:

Apostolic Children’s Resources: How are your Sunday school and mid-week classes composed? Teachers often become frustrated because they cannot find resources to match their specific teaching needs. As an experienced minister and expert on PPH’s curriculum lines (Word Aflame, The Discipleship Project, and kids POWer hour), Chris will layout the best options for tailoring the versatile world of Apostolic children’s resources.

Reaching the “Least of These”: Disruptive! Needy! Agitating! Fidgety! High maintenance! Stubborn! The kids you want to put back on the bus or send back to their parents are actually the ones Jesus wants you to focus on the most. Jesus came to heal the sick, not the healthy. Chris will lay out teaching methods that will help you reach the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40).

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