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January 14, 2017, 11:18 PM

Excerpt from First Things First launch

My question to TAS is this: 
•    What right do we have to hear the Gospel over and over, when so many have never heard it for the first time? 
•    What makes us so special?
What has He sent us to do? 
•    To take the gospel message to sinners—everywhere in the world, not just in the Quad Cities.
God has spoken to me pointedly over the past 3 months; He is calling TAS to focus on the basics of Christianity:
•    Spreading the Gospel
•    Servanthood
•    Submission and
•    Sacrifice
Please know, we are living in the moment of greatest potential and opportunity for the Church: 
•    There are good times that we rejoice 
•    There are bad times that we mourn. 
•    There are victories we celebrate
•    There are hurts we cry over
•    There are moments of misery
•    There are times of jubilee.
I stand to remind you this is a new moment of opportunity for us:
•    The day the Lord hath made
•    The day of salvation
•    The moment of entering His presence with a shout of praise and spirit of expectation. 
•    The moment of reaping of the harvest.
•    The moment of taking back some things the enemy has stolen.
Let me pause and remind us that God hates neutral; Meroz was cursed for not coming to the aid of the Lord in battle.
•    God is not a fan of inconsistency.
•    He doesn’t care for fence-sitters.
•    He isn’t pleased by people who can’t make up their minds, who are forever weighing their options, but can never settle on a course of action;
•    God can’t stand by those who won’t stand with Him against evil 
•    God can’t bless those who won’t bless His name through action.
God isn’t calling us to act recklessly, without any thought to the consequences.
•    But what He wants are people who will follow Him with joyful abandon, without regret, without looking back.
•    A people who will catch the vision of His purpose…reaching the lost.
•    A people who will look beyond themselves and realize we have been saved to show others the way. 
Is there anyone who wants to join me and commit to spreading the Gospel?
•    Is there anyone that can take a moment of faith and declare their allegiance to God?
•    First Things First…
Is there anyone that can look the enemy in the face and declare I’m changing and I am going to be a force to be reckoned with.
•    My voice isn’t going to be silent anymore.
•    My feet aren’t going to be unmovable any longer.
•    My heart isn’t going to void of compassionate for the lost. 
TAS, First Things First MUST be our drive and duty: 
•    It is time to get our joy back
•    It is time to get our faith back
•    It is time to get our dance back
•    It is time to get our worship back
•    It is time to get our focus back on the Saviour.


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