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October 23, 2014, 11:00 AM

From the heart of Pastor

Finding sleep hard to come tonight; so, instead I am redeeming the time by praying for many in TAS who need to make some fresh commitments. We are close to the end and now is the time to put the shoulder to the wheel and give God what is right, not what is left! It is harvest time...


I wonder how many souls God wants to reach through you? How many opportunities are you missing because of your lack of dedication to the cause? Time is running out; what you will do for Him, you MUST do now!


Let's take a fresh look at Calvary and the sacrifice that bought our redemption; can you do less? Should we not give our all? Is there not a cause, a need, a reason for us to pray, fast, witness, worship, and be faithful?


Start seeing souls, instead of just a crowd of people. It is time to allow a passion for lost humanity to drive us to our knees; to cause us to be broken with compassion and lead by His Spirit in the mission that is possible!


TAS, we need to wake up and see what God is showing us! We aren't filled with His Spirit to cruise in; we are filled to be a witness! It is time to be the light to a dark world.


Whose life could you change, if you let Him change yours? Time is running out and we don't seem to have time for His work; something is seriously wrong with that. Lord, help us get our priorities in proper order...God must be first in all we do!


Get ready for a tremendous reaping of the harvest.  Don't be amazed at who God uses to facilitate revival and don't be shocked at who God brings in.  This is our hour, let's rise with Apostolic authority and take back our families, homes, schools, workplace, cities...let's "be church" and allow His church to grow by leaps and bounds! 

Page 1 2 3 4   Entries 1-5 of 17
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