Lauren Talylor Crutchfield — Day Clinician

Lauren Taylor Crutchfield has traveled across the United States and internationally through children’s ministry. She has innovated her calling through action songs, games, music, puppets, and lessons that impact the lives of children and adults. She is a full-time children’s evangelist. Lauren graduated from the College of Coastal Georgia with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She was led by the Lord to pursue full-time ministry for ministry is her passion.

Her topics for InF18 are:​

Teaching Kids to Pray: The prayers of a child have the ability to shift situations and change the atmosphere. After all, Jesus placed a child in the midst of preachers, disciples, and ministers and called them the greatest in the kingdom. They have mountain-shaking faith, the ability to pray others through to the Holy Ghost, and they are able reach the throne of Christ with their prayers. We must help them pursue these powerful prayers through various strategies in our teaching and lifestyle. The greatest opportunity for revival begins at an altar in your classrooms. 

Integrating Music Into Lessons" “My lips shall greatly rejoice when I sing unto thee…” Music captures our hearts, minds, and attention. It consumes our daily life, speaks to our situations, and inspires us to move forward. Apple released that they have sold 25 billion songs since their founding. Clearly, music is an important part in each individual’s life, and I believe it has a vital role in our services. Scripture says, “Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all His wondrous works.” Music has a place in our action songs, games, and altar calls. This session will discuss the effective ways to use music in your services and truly let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.

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