Our History
Our History

In 1928, Rev and Mrs. Urban T. Vanderhoff moved to the Quad Cities to assist in evangelizing the area. A preaching point and cottage prayer meetings begin in Moline in 1937, as part of Grace Apostolic Church in Rock Island. In December 1939, a checking account was opened and the Moline Pentecostal Church was launched. The earliest records we have on file date back to 1943, when our total income was $23.30, $17.30 tithes and $6.00 offering. The first recorded business meeting was held on Thursday, April 25, 1946. At that time, the members present voted unanimously to adopt the local church by-laws of the recently formed United Pentecostal Church International. Property was secured on 27th Street in Moline; we paid $25.00 down and $25.00 per month. The Vanderhoff family stayed as Pastor until May 16, 1950. We are thankful for the foundation they established to allow the future to build upon. This church shall forever be indebted to them and only eternity will reveal the total impact made by their sacrifice.

In May 1950 Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Latta answered the call and became Pastor. The church outgrew the facilities and moved to a larger place of worship above a bakery in downtown Moline. God's blessings continued to be upon this church and many souls were added to the kingdom of God. We are thankful for the years of commitment that allowed this church to continue to grow.

Rev. Thomas Latta resigned in July 1960 and his son, Rev. Sam Latta, was elected Pastor August 24, 1960. He and his wife served the church faithfully and again God blessed with steady growth. Pastor Latta was a skilled bricklayer and God used that talent in building a new church at 2325 46th Street in Moline. In 1964 God called the Latta's to Africa as missionaries. Their faithfulness and hard work provided this church with the faith to move forward and prepared the way for Mr. Sunday School.

Rev. and Mrs. Wayne Mitchell (also known as Mr. Sunday School) left Quincy, IL and became Pastor of Whole Truth Tabernacle in July 1964. They aggressively launched into reaching children with a peak of over 500 children being brought to Sunday school each week. Property was purchased on John Deere Expressway and construction of the Million Dollar Mission began. A 32,000 square-foot building on 17.5 acres was completed and the first service was held in November 1977. The 15-year mortgage was paid off nearly one year early. Pastor Mitchell retired in 1999 and held a place of honor until his death in the Spring of 2004. His widow, Gloria Mitchell, has recently moved to live with her daughter's family in MA, yet continues to hold a place of honor in our hearts. While we understand her desire to be with them, we miss her dearly in the Quad Cities.

After Rev. Wane Mitchell resigned in April 1999, Rev. and Mrs. Richard Plunk followed her father as Pastor in May 1999 and served until the end of 2005. Rev. Plunk had a vision of reaching out to the entire Quad-Cities, and one way of seeing that happen was through the daughter work concept. Under his leadership, three works were planted: The Apostolic Sanctuary of Geneseo (formerly The Jesus Church), El Santuario Apostolico, and The Apostolic Sanctuary of Rock Island. In addition, we began a new ministry called JC Prayer Force that brought us together in fourteen homes around the area for monthly prayer and fellowship. We also completed renovation of the sanctuary, foyer, and the Sunday school/education department. Their ministry of music and Word touched many lives and continued to build upon the great tradition of this church.

Rev. and Mrs. Gary L. Randol were elected as our Senior Pastor in January 2006 and are leading us into the next phase of ministry. On a weekly basis we minister to over 900 through Sunday school, Satellite Sunday School, Nursing Home ministry, and Jail/Prison ministry. Just a few weeks after his election, the church voted to sell our property to Wal-Mart and launch into a massive building program. We had our first worship service on January 7, 2009. A Sanctuary (seating over 700), office complex, a Chapel, a designated prayer room, a Youth fellowship/activity room, a Youth Sanctuary, 15 Sunday school classrooms, a fellowship hall, and gymnasium are included in the nearly 57,000 sq. foot facility. Please come join us for one of our upcoming Gatherings of worship.
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