Pastor Aaron Soto — Day Clinician

Aaron Soto is the Lead Pastor of Apostolic Truth Church, a multi-campus congregation in Appleton WI. The congregation is known for having strong multi-generational ministries and a rite-of-passage student.  Aaron and his wife, Heather have three children. Together, the Soto family celebrates both the privilege and price of ministry.

His topics for InF are:

Rite of Passage Student Ministry: America is dealing with an emerging trend called, “delayed adulthood”. 28-year-olds are acting like 18-year-olds. The reason is this; there are no defined rite of passage moments in our society. The same problem exists in our churches. This session will address the need to create a rite of passage path for our children, it will also unveil insights about how to launch a rite of passage journey at the nursery age and culminate the journey in their senior year of High School.


Winning with Volunteers: What would happen if we shifted our attention from recruiting volunteers to retaining them? This session you will highlight how to stop the revolving door problem with volunteers. You will also learn to shift from an obligation paradigm to a satisfaction paradigm with volunteers. You will leave this session with strong strategies about how to take ownership of your volunteer culture and raise up a team of devoted volunteers.

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