Pastor Kirt and Pam Denney — Day Clinician

Kirt & Pamela Denney have served in full-time ministry for over 25 years across the U.S. In addition to ministry at the local level, they have been clinicians in workshops, seminars, and conferences both at home and internationally. With their two sons Jonathan and Keagan, they currently live in Brentwood, TN and are the pastors at The River.

Both Kirt & Pam have a passion for marriage and family as well as ministering the gospel.  Pamela is a gifted speaker, singer, and musician.  In addition, Pam has a heart for empowering and mentoring women to be all they can be in the Kingdom of God. She is a Certified John Maxwell Teacher Trainer.

Kirt is a graduate of Christian Life College and holds an MBA.

Their InF18 topics are:

Mirror, Mirror — Explore the revelation of how what we DO is connected to what we BELIEVE  and how the Truth will make us FREE. Let's teach our students how to apply the Word to their daily lives, overcome wrong thinking at its root, expose the world's distorted mirrors and equip them with the truth...the mirror of God's Word.

Plugging into Praise & Worship — It's important that we are Plugging students into the Heart, not just the Act, of Praise & Worship. Let's explore Creative ways to overcome the awkward years while teaching a Lifestyle of becoming a Worshiper in all stages of life. We are setting the stage for digging wells and building altars that will anchor and sustain them their entire lives.

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